Business Terms

Terms and Conditions of Business

1  Scope
By ordering publications (books; E-books) or enrolling for seminars or events, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions of business of the VDA QMC in their respective applicable versions (see the VDA QMC website).
The VDA QMC does not accept any other conditions from the customer, unless VDA QMC has given express written consent to these changes.
The goods and services of the VDA QMC are available exclusively to customers who require them in carrying out their commercial or independent professional activities (employers/entrepreneurs as defined in § 14 of the German Civil Code). By ordering from the VDA QMC Webshop or via the VDA QMC homepage the customer confirms his status as such.
All prices in the Webshop, on the homepage and/or registration forms are in Euros and are nett. They are subject to the German VAT ruling at the time.

2  Ordering publications (books, E-books) / enrolling for seminars and events

should be carried out via the VDA QMC Webshop. Applications for seminars and events are made exclusively via the homepage. The confirmation of registration will be issued only if the details in the application form are complete and correct. The customer's correct details are needed in order to provide publications, to issue entrance tickets for events, to draw up confirmations of attendance at VDA QMC events and to issue certificates.

Information required:
- the name of the customer / company
- the contact person
- department
- the invoice address
- the delivery address
- the house address (NOT the post-code!)
- the order number / seminar or event number

By ordering the goods or booking the seminar or event the customer declares irrevocably his wish to purchase the goods he has ordered or to take part in the seminar or event.

Ordering via the VDA QMC webshop or homepage and ending the order or booking dialog by clicking on the "Confirm order" button constitutes a binding declaration by the customer that he wishes to accept the goods or services which he has ordered.

If an order or booking is made via the VDA QMC Webshop or homepage the customer will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.
When an E-book is ordered the customer will receive an e-mail authorizing him to download the title.
The VDA QMC reserves the right to delay delivery until payment has been received. In the case of a download of an E-book the download authorization will be issued on condition of full payment.
Online orders and reservations can be paid via the Internet provider authorized by the VDA QMC (E-commerce institute) PayPal (Europe) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 1EJ, United Kingdom. The link to the PayPal website is established when the customer clicks on "Confirm order". Payment is then made in accordance with the PayPal conditions of use, which are displayed on the PayPal website. The VDA QMC will ship the goods following confirmation of payment by PayPal.

The VDA QMC reserves the right to change the contents of the Webshop at any time without notice. The VDA QMC is entitled to withdraw from the contract, especially in the case of typing, printing and calculation errors on the website.

3a Delivery of publications
Unless otherwise agreed, publications (books/posters) are delivered ex-warehouse to the delivery address stated by the customer. Shipping is handled by a courier service. The shipping costs are shown under "Packing and delivery" on the VDA QMC homepage. An express service can be arranged for urgent orders. The extra costs will be charged to the customer. Information on delivery dates is non-binding unless a fixed delivery date has been expressly agreed. The customer assumes the risk of accidental loss during delivery.

3b Prices and issuing orders for publications
The prices shown in the Webshop and/or order form are in Euros. They are nett and are subject to German VAT. The prices in the invoice are in Euros. Payment is due immediately on receipt of the goods and the invoice. All transfer fees are paid by the customer. For first-time deliveries outside Germany we request payment in advance by bank transfer or credit card (Mastercard or VISA).

3c Downloading E-books
When an E-book is ordered the E-Books-reader-app needs to be downloaded and installed before, the download link will appear automatically in the reader app.

3d No cancellation based on § 355 of the German Civil Code
As a company or entrepreneur the customer has no right of cancellation under § 355 of the German Civil Code. This also applies to contracts covering the purchase of E-books.

3e Retention of ownership
The goods remain the property of the VDA QMC until full payment is received.

3f Liability for deficiencies
The goods must be checked on receipt. Acceptance of the goods represents confirmation that all items have been received in good condition.

3g Copyright
Books and E-books are protected by copyright and are intended exclusively for personal use. For E-books the customer receives a single, non-transferable right of use entitling him to use it as the sole user in his work.  Any further use, in particular the forwarding, processing, copying or reproduction, distribution, publication or providing public access to E-books, in whole or in part, whether in digital form, by remote data transmission or in analog form is not permitted and may be punishable in law.

3h Use of hardware and software
In the event of any restrictions on the inter-operability and compatibility of hardware and software products the customer is referred to the product description.

4  Applications for seminars
Some seminars are subject to special conditions regarding the professional qualifications and experience of delegates. If these conditions are not met, the VDA QMC reserves the right to refuse enrolment in a seminar.

4a Invoicing
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt as soon as your application is received. The invoice will normally be sent to you one or two weeks before the start of the event is payable immediately and in full.

4b Cancelling / changing bookings for seminars
A cancellation or change of booking should be made by post or email.

The following cancellation fees apply for all seminars:
6 weeks before the start of the event:                    no charge
4 to 6 weeks before the start of the event :            25% of the cost of the event
2 to 4 weeks before the start of the event :            50% of the cost of the event
Less than 2 weeks before the start of the event:   100% of the cost of the event
The cancellation fees do not apply if a replacement delegate is named.

4c Cancellation of a seminar
If a seminar is already fully booked or cannot take place due to forces beyond our control (for example, because of the sudden illness of the lecturer) we shall inform the customer immediately. If the number of delegates is insufficient we reserve the right to cancel the event up to seven days before its intended start. In all cases we shall attempt to offer the customer a new date for the event. We shall refund the fees already paid. However, any other claims are excluded unless actionable in law.

5  Applications for events
The invoice will be issued following a written application; this represents confirmation of the application. Entrance tickets will be sent to the customer following receipt of payment. The attendance fee is due for payment before the start of the event.

5a Cancellations / change of bookings
A cancellation or change of booking should be made by post or email.
A processing fee of 100 Euros plus VAT will be charged for cancellations received up to 14 days before the start of the event. After this date no refund can be made if the customer does not attend the event or if no replacement delegate can attend.

5b Cancellation of an event
If an event cannot take place due to forces beyond our control we shall inform the customer immediately We shall refund the fees already paid. However, any other claims are excluded unless actionable in law.

6  Use of personal customer information; further use of customer data
We can accept orders or applications only if the customer provides the details set out in (2) above. We require this information in order to process the order or application and to fulfil the contract. We store and use this information only for the stated purposes and release it to third parties only in order to fulfil the contract. The VDA QMC authorizes other companies and individuals to carry out tasks involved in the processing of the contract, for example the delivery of the goods, the handling of payments (credit card,  PayPal, debit and invoicing procedures) and for the preparation of files (e.g., E-books).

The VDA QMC supplies these service providers with the personal customer information they need in order to carry out their tasks. To this extent the customer agrees to the forwarding of his personal data. The service providers are obliged not to use the data for other purposes and to treat the information in accordance with German data protection legislation.

Separate business conditions apply to the Internet portal, the QDX standard and the VDA QMC Webdrive. These are set out in the relevant contracts.

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