BMW QM Requirement

BMW: QM Requirements

International Purchasing Terms an Conditions [11.07.2005]
Provision 9: Quality

Unless stated otherwise in the Supply Contract, Seller shall comply with ISO/TS 16949.

A series process quality evaluation (as defined in this Provision 9.2) (,,Series Process Quality Evaluation") must be successfully completed by Seller before Goods are supplied: 

  • for the first time; or
  • under a new part number; or
  • after any process modification.

For the purposes of this Provision 9 a Series Process Quality Evaluation is a performance test of Seller's manufacturing process, including its production plants, equipment and machines and its production logistics processes, under series conditions and according to the requirements of Buyer, to prove that Seller is able to produce the required quantity and quality of Goods with the plant, personnel and machine capacity.

Seller will use the Series Process Quality Evaluation to produce initial samples of the Goods. Seller will inspect initial samples in accordance with the VDA (Federation of German Automobile Manufacturers) publication ,,Quality Management in the Automotive Industry, Volume 2: Quality Assurance of Supplies", as the same may be amended or replaced from time to time.

In case of a conflict between the Supply Contract and ISO/TS 16949 or the above mentioned VDA publication the Supply Contract shall prevail.

ln the event that any authorities responsible for vehicle safety standards demand inspection of the manufacturing process and disclosure of the test records of Buyer, Seller shall, upon request of Buyer, give such authorities access to such records and provide them with any support as may reasonably be expected.

Upon Buyer's request Seller shall make available to Buyer all quality records. Quality records are documents and any other data, which relate to specified requirements and the effectiveness of Seller's quality system.

Seller shall retain such quality records for at least ten (10) years after creation relating to Goods with specially marked drawings (,,D" or ,,L") or for at least five (5) years in any other case, unless a longer period is otherwise required by law.

Seller shall ensure that all and any of its sub-contractors are contractually bound to comply with the terms of this Provision 9.