Initial and further training

Initial and further training

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Within the framework of the VDA QMC software quality initiative we offer comprehensive initial and further training covering quality assurance for software development in the automobile sector. In this, the training is divided into two main areas of emphasis :

  • Training for intacs™ Assessor Automotive SPICE®

All the training is carried out by  experienced lecturers in association with the VDA QMC Automotive SPICE® training partners and is subject to constant quality monitoring. The training courses are recognized by the member companies of the VDA. The user training represents a basic qualification for the quality assurance of development of control devices and systems.

For assessors and those wishing to become assessors

Assessing processes is generally the starting point for developing actions to achieve improvements and control. Given the responsibility associated with the results of these assessments, the automobile industry places particular requirements on the qualifications of the personnel involved.  The VDA QMC offers the training opportunity to become a certified assessor in software processes. This is the only certification recognized within the automobile industry for process assessment in accordance with Automotive SPICE®.

  • iNTACS™ certified ISO/IEC 15504 Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®)
  • iNTACS™ certified ISO/IEC 15504 Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®)

Target groups: Quality representative, auditors, staff members from quality improvement projects and those, who want a career as Assessors in the automobile industry.

For decision-makers, buyers, quality managers and auditors

To achieve a quality assurance strategy which takes account of the additional requirements represented by the massive integration of software-based systems in modern vehicles, an over-arching understanding of the associated development and production processes is essential. In this connection the VDA-QMC offers one-day overview training sessions on the subject of Automotive SPICE®.

  • Automotive SPICE® - for Managers (1 day)

Participants will learn the possible ways in which the model can be used in their company and in the association between customer and supplier. Based on the contents of the course an assessment can be made of the potential for application in each individual environment.

Target groups: Project managers, managers, quality representative, auditors and those who wish to get an overview of the Automotive SPICE® method.