VDA 6.3 Potential analysis - Corrective actions

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András Lovász
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Dear VDA-QMC trainers and VDA 6.3 process auditors!

We had a discussion at our company between the VDA 6.3 process auditors, if in case of a Potential analysis done at a supplier a Corrective action shall be linked to the Potential analysis audit report - yes or no.

In the red book VDA 6.3 last edition, December 2016, there is not mentioned if in case of Potentail analysis a corrective action plan is necessary or not.

In the new questionaire template with more slides in it, resp. VDA_6.3_Potenzialanalyse__Potential_Analysis__Rev._2016_V4
there is an Action plan page where the supplier can define the actions.
Also in the Audit report page in the middle is a comment:
The findings (conform, nonconform) identified in this report are to be used at own responsibility with cause analysis,
action definition, action implementation and evaluation of effectiveness. This report will be used as the basis for further / future analysis.

Thank you very much for your feed-back!

With kind regards,
András Lovász