VDA Automotive SYS Konferenz
VDA Automotive SYS Conference

The conference focuses on the quality, safety and security of electronics.
The following topics will be addressed in various workshops and program sessions running in parallel:

• Software/system quality assurance for future automotive systems
• Product safety/integrity
• Safety in automotive applications
• Standards and compliance in automotive applications
• Compiler Verification
• Security in automotive applications
• Automated driving
• Artificial intelligence and machine learning in automotive applications
• Process assessment and improvements using Automotive SPICE or other models

You can expect three days of:

-Face to Face Event
-Language: Englisch
-Exhibitor Platform
-Networking Area
-Social Evening
-Certificate of Attendance

Participation Fee €3,150.00

*****Automotive SPICE assessor****
On-site attendance will be accepted as
EE-EP: External Passive

for your certification as intacs
Automotive SPICE assessor

Event Programm

Conference Program


Meeting: 03.07.2023. - 05.07.2024


Location: Landgut Stober (Nauen Brandenburg)


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Ihre Ansprechpartner rund um die Konferenz:
Projektkoordination Events / Veranstaltungsmanagement
Cosmina Baican


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