Worldwide license partner network
46 license partners in 44 countries

With the aim of being present as locally as possible for our customers in the German automotive and supplier industry, we offer the VDA QMC qualification measures in regional languages with the help of our license partners.

Application-oriented training concepts are available worldwide and are imparted by our competent trainers (and examiners) pari passu.

With the help of a trainer selection and qualification process that has been established for years, the approval and calibration of all 400 trainers takes place at regular intervals.

This enables us to offer our customers consistent quality of all training courses in their country.

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Globus License Partner
Always on an equal footing:

The operations of our worldwide network of licensing partners are governed by three strategic guidelines:

  • Developing application-oriented training concepts that are constantly updated together with recognized industry and didactic experts from the field.
  • Expert trainers and examiners who meet the criteria of the VDA QMC
  • All qualifications are available on-site, in-house or digital in regional languages

When working with our licensing partners, it is essential for us to engage in a regular interchange of ideas on an equal footing.

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