Committee work in the VDA QMC
The future of quality management

In the VDA, the members deal with all the important issues of the industry in numerous committees.

Quality management is represented in the VDA by the Quality Management Committee (QMA).

All car manufacturers producing in Germany as well as a representative selection of automotive suppliers are represented in the QMA by their QM management and the VDA by its management.


The QMA controls the development of quality in the automotive industry.

The Quality Management Centre (QMC) puts all decisions made in the QMA into practice, among other things by organising the project groups and publishing the QM standards as a work result.

Quality Management Committee

The Quality Management Committee (QMA), as the highest body, deals with and coordinates all topics relating to quality in the automotive industry.

To this end, committee meetings are held four times a year at which the QMA members exchange views on current activities and issues.

Significant projects for the further development of quality in the German automotive industry are commissioned and their progress is controlled.

For the respective project groups, the QMA members nominate their respective experts from the companies and get them to actively participate.

QMC project groups
The smarts of the automotive industry

The members of the project groups are seconded for the duration of the project to contribute their knowledge and practical experience to the development of the QM standards.

The result is usually presented as a so-called “yellow volume”, which can be commented on by all stakeholders during a three-month objection period. Only after this feedback has been taken into account is a new QM standard published and the project group discharged.

Thanks to the strong participation and cooperation of both manufacturers and the supply chain, a collective “state-of-the-art” is created.

An overview of the currently running project groups can be found here: VDA QMC Project Groups

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