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The Quality Management Centre (QMC) in German Association of the Automotive Industry e.V. (VDA) is dedicated to the development of methods and systems of quality management systems for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is subject to constant change. It is therefore one of the unique challenges of the VDA QMC to ensure that qualification measures, methods and courses are continuously aligned with the latest technologies and developments.

This relevance for the current state of affairs is always ensured through guidance from the highest body in German automotive quality, the QM Committee, chaired by Mr. Jason Hoff (Mercedes-Benz AG).

All car manufacturers producing in Germany as well as a representative selection of automotive suppliers are represented in this committee.

Selected publications
June 2022
VDA Maturity Level for New Parts, 3rd edition
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November 2023
Product Compliance System, 1st edition
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November 2023
Automotive SPICE Guidelines, 2nd edition
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January 2023
VDA 6.3 Process Audit, 4th edition
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April 2022
VDA 5 Practical Guide, 1st edition
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July 2021
VDA 5 Measurement and Inspection Processes, 3rd edition
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Training and advanced training

Since 2001, the Quality Management Centre (VDA QMC) has been imparting sound know-how to companies and employees in the automotive industry with its training and advanced training department – ranging from basic qualifications to QM methods to expertise in audits.

Here is what sets us apart:

  • Application-oriented training concepts, constantly updated together with recognised industry and didactic experts from the field.
  • Expert trainers and examiners of equal standing who meet the criteria of the VDA QMC
  • Represented worldwide with 42 licence partners in 44 countries
  • All qualifications in regional language: on-site, in-house or digital
Show all training and advanced training courses
Auditor Talk VDA 6.3

Online - Participation free of charge!

The Auditor Talk is an offer for all VDA 6.3 auditors who would like to have informal conversations at expert level with other VDA 6.3 auditors – about current developments, deviations between theory and practice or typical challenges in dealing with regulations and audit discussions.

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Automotive Software Essentials

Live online training

This basic course is for anyone who has not yet worked on software projects, but who needs to assess and evaluate the quality of software development processes as a project manager or auditor

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From VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023 - Upgrade

Web-based training

In this upgraded training, the changes to VDA 6.3 (2016 edition) concerning the update of the questionnaire, changes in the assessment, changes in the potential analysis and other adjustments are conveyed.

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VDA certifications


The VDA QMC has developed a set of rules for auditing and certifying the manufacturers and distributors of AdBlue® and coordinates all auditing activities relating to AdBlue® worldwide on this basis.

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The VDA 6.X standards were developed by the VDA QMC for organizations in the automotive industry that have serial production of parts, offer services in or for the automotive industry, or manufacture production equipment.

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Car wash facilities

The guideline "Car Washes - Criteria for VDA-Compliant Car Washes" was primarily developed to prevent damage. By fulfilling the requirements, a VDA seal can be obtained on application.

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IATF (International Automotive Task Force)

The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) is an international “ad hoc” group consisting of National Automotive Industry Associations and globally operating automotive manufacturers. The member organizations represent the interests of the automotive industry with the objective of  developing and continuously improving a common Quality Management System Standard and the associated certification scheme.

The VDA QMC not only represents the interests of the German automotive industry in the IATF, but also acts as one of the five IATF Oversight Offices, which are responsible for the administrative and operational control of the entire IATF certification scheme. These five IATF Oversight Offices act collectively as IATF Global Oversight. 

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Automotive SPICE®

In 2005, Automotive SPICE® was published for the first time by the “Automotive Special Interest Group”. In the meantime, the current version 3.1 of this standard has been established worldwide and is used by leading OEMs and suppliers to evaluate the development processes of software-based systems in and around the vehicle. The name “SPICE” stands for “Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination”.

Automotive SPICE® basiert auf der ISO/IEC 330xx Normenreihe und ist zu dessen Basisnormen konform. Automotive SPICE® is based on the ISO/IEC 330xx series of standards and conforms to its basic standards.
Automotive SPICE® has defined its own Process Reference Model (PRM) and Process Assessment Model (PAM) based on the latest version of the ISO/IEC 330xx series. These models describe the processes as well as indicators for the uniform assessment of these processes.

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