Auditing and certification of AdBlue® manufacturers

In SCR systems (SCR=selective catalytic reduction), the chemical synthesis product urea AUS 32 (AdBlue®) is used to reduce NOx exhaust gases. For the worldwide distribution of urea AUS 32, the VDA has registered the trademark “AdBlue®” in all relevant automotive markets.

The licensees of the VDA have invested considerable amounts in order to be able to produce AdBlue® in the required quality (ISO 22241). Furthermore, they are obliged to monitor their distribution chain and ensure that AdBlue® is not contaminated with other substances during transport – e.g. by decanting into smaller containers.

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In some cases, however, AdBlue® is offered in a quality that does not comply with ISO and, in the worst case, can lead to failure of the SCR system. In some cases, a substance is offered that is called AdBlue® , but without ever having concluded a license agreement with the VDA. The end consumer can therefore not rely on the information provided by individual distributors, because no one has ever controlled the market.

The VDA QMC has therefore drawn up a set of rules for auditing and certifying the manufacturers and distributors of AdBlue® and, on this basis, coordinates all audit activities relating to AdBlue® worldwide.

Explanations of the AdBlue® brand
AdBlue certified locations worldwide

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TOP 10 countries:

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4South Korea27
8Serbia and Montenegro11
Technical questions about AdBlue®

For technical questions about the AdBlue® audit or about
the VDA QMC published rules, please contact:

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The VDA only grants an AdBlue® license to manufacturers. Dealers cannot obtain their own license from the VDA. However, licensed manufacturers are entitled to issue a sub-license to certain customers; e.g. with the aim that ARAL may offer AdBlue on the market as “ARAL-AdBlue” without manufacturing the product itself.

Details can be found in the guidelines, which you can download free of charge from the VDA’s website:

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