IATF Performance Complaint
IATF Performance Complaint ("Customer Complaint”)

In the standard IATF 16949 itself as well as in the global certification scheme of the IATF, the adherence to customer requirements on one hand and but also customer satisfaction on the other hand constitutes an essential aspect and is directly or indirectly anchored in many requirements.

In the IATF Rules, the decertification process including the detailed requirements for it are described in section 8. According to these requirements, every IATF-recognized certification body has to have a process, which stipulates that customers can submit a complaint regarding the performance of IATF 16949 certified suppliers and a processing will be guaranteed.

The VDA QMC provides an opportunity to organisations of the automotive industry to file a complaint through the below template. The complaint can be conveyed either in German or English by means of the following formula. Please note that sufficiently detailed information is necessary for the effective processing of a complaint. Therefore, please keep general information as well as possible supporting information in the form of documents or images ready.

All the information conveyed to us is treated as confidential and used exclusively for the processing of this complaint.

In the following section, we request you to register with us the detailed information of a complaint with regard to the performance of a IATF 16949 certified supplier. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields. More detailed information and statements further help the VDA QMC to be able to process the complaint in an effective manner.

NOTE: Please note that a customer complaint cannot be equated with a complaint or the reporting of an ethically controversial conduct (Ethics and Compliance Concern) of an IATF-recognized Certification Body of an IATF 16949 auditor or one of the IATF Oversight Offices. Please use the “Ethics and Compliance Portal” on the IATF website for these type of complaints or reports. Please click on the link below to directly go to the portal:

"Ethics and Compliance Portal" of the IATF

    Information about the relevant supplier or site:
    Address of the supplier:
    NOTE: these unique numbers are shown on every IATF 16949 certificate, which is issued by an IATF-recognized Certification Body for a supplier. These numbers serves as the clear identification of the supplier and/or site
    Detailed information about the complaint:
    NOTE: Possible Information could be the following but not limited to: „Repeated quality issues with supplied parts“; „Nonconforming parts leading to significant disruptions in production“; „Not approved relocation of production“; "Not approved changes of parts or production processes“; „Not approved usage of materials“; etc.

    Please enter here the exact time period in which the problem occured or since when the problem was detected the first time:

    Please enter here personal information to allow us to get in contact with you:
    Please note that we will process the provided information only for the means of this submitted performance complaint.
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    Seek Webshop info@vda-qmc.de