VDA Certifications
VDA Certifications

The VDA QMC plays a major role in promoting standardisation in quality management in the automotive industry in Germany and worldwide. Together with experts from companies in the automotive industry, the VDA QMC develops sector-specific standards, some of which form the basis for corresponding certification.

The certifiable sector-specific quality management system standards developed by experts from the German automotive industry include not only the VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 and VDA 6.4 regulations, but also standards for auditing and certifying manufacturers and distributors of AdBlue®, as well as a standard for awarding a seal to car wash facilities.


The VDA QMC has developed a set of rules for auditing and certifying the manufacturers and distributors of AdBlue® and coordinates all auditing activities relating to AdBlue® worldwide on this basis.

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VDA 6.x

The VDA 6.X Standards were developed by the VDA QMC for companies in the automotive industry that have serial production of parts, offer services in or for the automotive industry, or manufacture production equipment.

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Car washes

The guideline "Car Washes - Criteria for VDA-Compliant Car Washes" was primarily developed to prevent damage. By fulfilling the requirements, a VDA seal can be obtained on application.

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The VDA QMC team in the area of certifications

It is our objective to build trust. We are committed to making continuous improvements.

Certified companies in the automotive supply chain and customers of certified companies can trust that auditing and certification will be carried out objectively and without bias.

Ensuring and maintaining the highest professional level of the approved certification bodies is one of the core tasks of the VDA QMC.

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VDA QMC Technical Department
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• Deputy Head of the VDA QMC
• Head of the IATF Oversight Office at the VDA QMC

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