QDX (Quality Data eXchange)

The cross-sectional function of quality management in our companies will have to achieve ever greater effectiveness in order to meet the demands of the market for automobiles and their components.

In addition to the technical expertise required to ensure quality, quality data is needed for up-to-date and reliable decision-making, and this data is exchanged between the customer and supplier more quickly than before with the aid of data processing and transmission.

In order to create a uniform basis for this quality data exchange and to increase efficiency, the present exchange format ‘QDX’ was developed on an XML basis.
Working groups consisting of representatives from the automotive industry and information technology companies have developed specification documents for standardized quality data exchange.

The exchange format developed has the following name:

QDX – Quality Data eXchange

The developed standard for the exchange of quality data enables the realization of interfaces without media discontinuity and independent of manufacturers. It thus allows a considerable increase in the degree of automation in inter-company quality management processes.

With respect to the internationalization of the developed standard and its integration into the landscape of currently already used exchange formats, an intensive cooperation with ODETTE, NIST and other US-American institutions takes place.


VDA-Data exchange specifications

The “VDA specifications for the transport of QDX messages” aim at the binding definition of the process-supporting information flow of the transmitted quality data. The specifications deal with overriding issues of electronic business transactions and with the definition of the communication standards to be applied for the electronic exchange of quality data; these are web services as well as OFTP (ODETTE File Transfer Protocols).

The documentation of the QDX format consists of various documents:

  1. QDX documentation, which can be downloaded from the “VDA QDX Portal” following registration by email.
  2. xsd files sent by email after registration (OEMs and suppliers), or signing of a license agreement (CAQ provider).
  3. Specifications for QDX data transport can be downloaded free of charge and without registration.
  4. VDA Volume 7.
Vorgaben zum DatenaustauschData exchange specifications




QDX Documentation

The QDX standard provides the automotive industry with an XML exchange format for the “common” documents in quality management between customers and suppliers.

The following exchange formats are available:

  • Project plan
  • Status report, incl. List of open issues
  • List of critical product and process chracteristics
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Machine capabilty study
  • Process capabilty study
  • Management systems certificate and factory test certificate
  • Provisional/ temporary approval
  • Request to the supplier to carry out a PPA procedure
  • Agreement on the PPA procedure
  • PPA report
  • Answer to PPA report
  • Complaint and complaint reporting
  • 8D report for complaint handling
  • Brief confirmation or acknowledgement of the complaint
  • Warranty and goodwill data
  • Reference to the individual agreement regarding mandatory fields


In order to view the current QDX specification documents, you need to register briefly.
To do so, please send an e-mail with your contact and company data to ide.extern@vda-qmc.de.

After you register, you will receive an email within 2 business days containing a link to download the specification documents. Registration and download are free of charge and not connected with any further obligations.

License agreement for software companies
A one-time fee is due for the use and marketing of the QDX standard. The fee is to be paid by companies that produce or program software for the automotive industry and implement a QDX interface in it. Please fill out the following application form and send it to the given e-mail address. You will then receive a license agreement from us, which you must sign and return to us. After that you will receive the XML schemas (.xsd files) of the current QDX version.


Application form





Technical support QDX in common

For technical queries regarding the QDX standard and the implementation of the XML schemas in your software, please contact:

Storkower Strasse 207
10369 Berlin


+49 30 9799 – 140


+49 30 9799 – 1422





Questions about the QDX license agreement

For any queries regarding the license agreement or registration, please contact:
Service by: IQC Ide Quality Consulting GmbH


Technical questions about QDX

For technical questions about QDX or about working group 7 in the VDA QMC, please contact:
Service by: IQC Ide Quality Consulting GmbH



VDA-Band 7 Exchanging quality data

QDX – Quality Data eXchange V2.2 and V3.0

VDA Volume 7 is a supplement to existing VDA recommendations in which the quality processes supported by QDX and the resulting (used) documents are described in detail.

It therefore has neither the goal nor the claim to provide redundant recommendations or specifications for processes, just as the content itself is to be understood only as a recommendation. Whether and where QDX will be disseminated in the automotive industry cannot be specified by the VDA. This decision is always up to the two business partners concerned, who wish to exchange quality data directly between their respective IT systems.

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