Recommendation for carrying out remote audits VDA 6.3:2016

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Welcome to VDA QMC

VDA QMC: setting standards, putting qualification into practice.

The Quality Management Center (QMC) has existed for the benefit of German automotive OEM’s and their suppliers since August 1997. Under the leadership of Mr. Heinz-Günter Plegniere, the QMC operates within the section of the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) run by Mr. Jürgen Mindel .

The roles and responsibilities undertaken by the QMC are varied and the questions surrounding quality management in the automotive industry occupy us on daily basis.

The spectrum ranges from developing systems and methods to shaping the future of quality management systems in the automotive industry.
These developments, as well as the direction of QMC, are steered by the top-level committee regarding quality matters in the German automotive industry: the undefinedQM Commission, chaired by Mr. Peter Wolf (BMW Group).

The undefinedQM Commission is formed by VDA members and consists of the Quality Management Directors of all the automotive OEM’s, an equal number of suppliers, and the VDA, represented by one of its Executive Directors.

The operational areas of VDA QMC:

The Specialist Department – coordination of Working Groups
Currently, 30 Working Groups (the QM expertise from the automotive industry), comprising over 400 QM experts delegated by automotive OEM’s and suppliers, are engaged in a wide range of automotive quality management-related subjects. In this way, the QMC manages time, devise harmonized standards which are always kept up-to-date.

IATF Oversight Office

The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) is a working group, set up by the major automotive OEM’s, with the purpose of harmonizing QM methods and standards implemented at national level.
In order to manage IATF operations, “legal entities” were created to be the binding contracting parties for Certification Bodies.
The VDA QMC Oversight Office, which represents German automotive OEM’s, was established to perform the following tasks:

    • Implementation and monitoring of IATF 16949 certification procedures.
    • Coordination with the other Oversight Offices, in order to ensure worldwide comparability of the IATF 16949 certification process.
    • Supporting the IATF in efforts to harmonize with further automotive OEM’s. 
    • Development and maintenance of the central IATF database with strategic information for the monitoring and management of worldwide IATF 16949 activities.

Training and professional development

The primary task of the VDA QMC training department is to convey the output of the Working Groups to employees of the automotive industry via sector-specific QM training programs.
The main advantage of VDA QMC training lies in our ability to create the content of the training seminars and have them conducted, often by the same VDA QMC experts, “under one roof”. Furthermore, the worldwide support of our licensees is subject to the training and professional development department.

Founded in 2001, the VDA QMC training center provides expertise in all areas of quality in the automotive industry. Our focus lies in the total transfer of quality know-how directly to the user.

The training spectrum ranges from QM seminars for management, through courses in quality methods and tools for process improvement, to qualification and continuing professional development of internal, lead and certification auditors. All seminars are led by experienced trainers from the automotive industry, in accordance with our motto: putting practice into practice.

Publications and Software
Standards developed by the QM Commission and the Working Groups are published as VDA norms. Standards, interpretations thereof and announcements appear in these publication series as well as in the QMC Reports, thereby, creating the basis for training and certification.

Conferences and Seminars
Each year, over 400 Quality representatives and specialists become involved in our VDA QMC events.
An annual international auditor symposium consits of an array of experts and workshop opportunities.
The annual summit meeting hosts top-ranking representatives of the automotive industry.
Seminars address current topics, such as the new “maturity level assurance” standard.