Electrical Overstress (EOS) in the Automotive Industry (ID 430)

The VDA volume EOS in the automotive industry provides a way to handle failures that show signs of electronic overload.

In this one-day training, you will acquire specialist knowledge in order to work on structured EOS complaints in all their facets. Here, the processes of cooperation and problem solving between OEMs, suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers are discussed and recommendations for action are given. The focus is on communicating the relevance and dimension of the topic of EOS, its causes and its fault appearance.

  • You will be familiar with the difference between individual cases and frequent occurrences.
  • You will know about the challenges and limitations of solving an individual case.
  • You will know how to handle EIPD cases and be able to describe the associated processes, communication channels and escalation paths.
  • You will be familiar with the differences between special case EIPD and EOS.
  • You will be able to process concrete case studies on EIPD and causes of errors in the life cycle in a technically correct manner.
  • You will be familiar with the questionnaire as a means of communication, know where the information comes from or why it is important, and be able to evaluate it in terms of meaningfulness.
  • You will be able to classify EOS in the VDA process landscape (8D, field failure analysis, etc.).
  • You will be able to describe the responsibilities and roles in EOS.

The training alternates between technical presentations and group work. Group work supports the transfer of what has been learned into your own working practice. Special emphasis is placed on opportunities to exchange experiences.

  • Employees from quality management, development, complaints processing and production.
  • Employees who are involved in problem-solving processes.
  • Executives in quality management, development, complaints processing and production who want to strengthen their organization with specialist knowledge on the subject of EOS.


At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

VDA Volume “EOS in the Automotive Industry” (included in the fee for face-to-face training)

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Duration: 1 day
Times: 9AM to 5PM
Investment: 600,00 EUR excl. VAT
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