Awarding of seals to VDA-conformal car washes

First of all, the manufacturers of the washing systems (technology) and the cleaning agents (chemicals) confirm the conformity of their products with the regulations and issue their customers with corresponding certificates of conformity on request. For this purpose, the manufacturers register in a central database of the VDA.

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The correctness of the entries will be randomly checked during audits by the VDA QMC. In the second step, a car-wash operator must register in this database – also online – stating the components he uses (technology/chemistry).

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After submitting the manufacturer’s certificates of conformity, the seal, which is valid for 2 years, will be sent to you by post. For this purpose, an annual amount of 100 euros must be paid to the VDA QMC (discount scaled from 6 systems). The accuracy of the information and the correct use of chemicals etc. will be monitored by the VDA QMC in at least 10% of the registered car washes as part of on-site inspections. By applying for the seal, the operator of a car wash enters into a contract with the VDA QMC. The wording of this agreement can be found in the following pdf document.

Criteria for car-washes conforming to VDA specifications

VDA-Band "Autowaschanlagen" Kriterien für VDA-konforme Waschanlagen downloaden

Car-washes Criteria for car-washes conforming to VDA specifications

Download VDA volume "Car-washes"
Technical questions about VDA-conformal car washes

For technical questions about VDA-conformal car washes
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